Protect Yourself!


Different kinds of scams have been reported by the media of late and reports of binary scams can be seen at the tops the charts. Trading in binary options is an absolutely legitimate and profitable business only if you know how to protect yourself from binary scams.


A person who is not knowledgeable enough and is blindly fooled by false and luring promises made by people in search of easy money is sure to be scammed. However a person who does thorough research before investing in any sort of trade minimizes their chances of losing money and maximized the odds of profit. If you are not really sure how to determine whether a certain offer is a scam, here are a few points to help:


  1. In order to protect yourself from binary scams you should first check out the country that the broker belongs to and if you feel that the regulations guiding the trade are not strong enough you should think twice before investing with that firm.
  2. The best way to know about the legitimacy and services of a company is to read reviews that customers often post on forums and review websites. Fake reviews may be abundant and a part of the review ecosystem, so you have to be extra careful in looking for true reviews as only through these can you understand whether a company is legitimate or not.
  3. Asking lots of questions and follow-ups is the best way to protect yourself from binary scams as only when you ask intelligent questions and fish for hidden truths can you be sure that you are not being cheated.
  4. The demo account feature of many binary trading platforms also acts as an indicator of genuineness of the company.  A company that is genuine and confident about its trading platform and offerings will definitely allow users to try their platform for free through a demo account.
  5. Do not rush into things. If your broker pesters you to make investments in a specific security, then you should think twice, not only about the asset, but about continuing to do business with that particular broker.


There can be no sure shot markers to identify scams and in the end, it is the experience and knowledge of the trader that can save him from being robbed of hard earned money. Protect yourself by arming yourself with knowledge.

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